S H A R O N   O W E N S

T H E   T E A   H O U S E   O N   M U L B E R R Y   S T R E E T



Hello and welcome.


I am a writer & painter based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


I studied at THE BELFAST SCHOOL OF ART for four years, graduating with a degree in ILLUSTRATION. I began writing fiction after graduation.


My debut novel featured a group of lonely people finding sanctuary in a rundown cafe. THE TEA HOUSE ON MULBERRY STREET became an international best-seller and was award-nominated. To date my books have sold half a million copies in seventeen countries around the world.


I am inspired by unsung men and women living quietly heroic lives behind the privet hedges and half-closed blinds of suburbia. The buildings in my novels also become characters in their own right.


My influences include the tender novels of JANET MC NEILL and the figurative paintings of HILDA CARLINE.


In 2014 I published a collection of 28 short stories, THE LIGHTS ON THE CAROUSEL WERE BEAUTIFUL, and a short story for children, THE MOUSE & THE MOON. Artwork by Ashling Lindsay.


In 2015 one of my paintings was short-listed by the ROYAL ULSTER ACADEMY.


I am currently working on a new novel and a collection of new paintings. For all art & publishing enquiries please contact me on Twitter.


Thank-you for visiting my web-site.