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Hello and welcome.


I am a writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


I graduated from THE BELFAST SCHOOL OF ART with a degree in Illustration, and a plan to write and illustrate books for children. Then a short story for grown-ups that I wrote in a Belfast cafe one rainy afternoon led to a publishing contract spanning seven quirky romantic novels, ten years and seventeen countries.


I grew up during the worst years of the Northern Ireland Troubles but have chosen not to make conflict or politics the focus of my work. Instead I am inspired by those unsung men and women living quietly heroic lives behind the privet hedges and half-closed blinds of suburbia.


I write about lonely people searching for a place of sanctuary. The buildings in my novels also become characters in their own right. My books have been described as sad, charming, beautiful and romantic, kooky, quirky and feel-good.


THE TEA HOUSE ON MULBERRY STREET was an international best-seller and was award-nominated. To date my books have sold half a million copies around the world.


In 2014 I published my first collection of 28 short stories:


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